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Injured Daredevil Criticized For GoFundMe Page After Failed Jump

MISSION VIEJO ( — A man known for his thrill-seeking jumps, now in the hospital with two shattered feet after missing his mark at a Laguna hotel pool, is asking the public for help with his medical bills.

Anthony Booth Armer, 28, is laid up in the hospital for the next four weeks, has casts on both feet and expects two more surgeries. He says he feeling all sorts of pain, but not regret.

"It's super painful," Armer said. "They took the wrapper off yesterday I was in shock almost."

Watch the jump here: Warning: Disturbing content:

"I'm itching to do something. It's no joke," Armer said.

The daredevil YouTube sensation says he's taken a lot of heat on social media because of his GoFundMe page raising money for some of his medical care insurance won't cover.

"What am I going to say to haters? I'm so sick of people hating me for doing what I love and going at it full force," Armer said.

While dozens of fans donated, some commentators expressed little sympathy for the daredevil given the high-risk nature of his antics.

"Just seeking a little support to keep doing what I'm doing or else I'll be working the rest of my life to pay this off," he said on the page.

In October, Armer jumped off Newport Towers and posted it onto YouTube and was cited by police for trespassing.

"I don't want to be arrested. I'm not hurting anyone."

So when will the daredevil give up the tricks?

"When I die," Armer said.

Armer says he is making plans for a jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.

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