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Customers of local wireless shop plead with Verizon Corporate to reinstate dealer's contract

Customers rally around owner of Chino Hills Wireless who lost contract with Verizon
Customers rally around owner of Chino Hills Wireless who lost contract with Verizon 02:07

A local community is rallying around a Chino Hills phone store owner, who could lose his business after losing his Verizon contract, by circulating a petition that they hope the company will listen to. 

For the last 11 years, Anu Singh has operated Chino Hills Wireless, a Verizon authorized dealer and repair shop.

"This is the only business I own and know," Singh said. 

Anu Singh, owner of Chino Hills Wireless for the last 11 years, said he considers his customers family.  CBSLA

From new contracts to hardware and software issues, loyal customers, like Ed Beach, said Singh is their go to guy. 

"When something went wrong, my wife would say, 'Go see Anu,'" Beach said. 

Earlier this year, though, Singh said he was suddenly cut off by Verizon corporate, despite being told he was one of the top performing authorized dealers in the area. In the meantime, his customers, who he now calls family, still need his expertise. 

"I try to do whatever I can. I'll make a call to headquarters if I need to, to help somebody out, even though there's nothing monetary for me. But I want to help my family," he said.

When started taking down his Verizon signs, one by one, that's when his loyal customers started a petition. More than 1,200 people have pleaded with the company to reinstate their ties with Singh. 

"Everybody here knows this as the Verizon store, and we'd like it to stay the Verizon store," longtime customer Aaron Reyes said. 

For his part, Singh said he's not sure if he can survive without Verizon since it comprises around 70% of his business. He also said he wait forever for Verizon to come back around, adding that he may have to become a dealer for another carrier. His customers said, if that's they case, they're staying with Singh. 

"There are other companies out there. I do believe in my heart that most of us will go. We will follow him," Reyes said.

Singh said his customers loyalty has overwhelmed him with gratitude. 

"I don't have any words to explain how happy I am that they're supporting me. No matter what happens, I know they're here for me, and I'll be there for them," he said. 

CBSLA reached out to Verizon for comment were provided with the following statement:

"Please respectfully allow us more time to do a thorough investigation. We want to have all the facts before we respond." 

On Thursday, they provided an additional statement which read:

"Verizon routinely monitors and evaluates our retail distribution needs. In 2021, we ended our relationship with another party that had contracted with Chino Hills Wireless. Customers can be served by any of five Verizon locations within five miles of this location and also have access to customer care and our online store through our website."


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