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Culver City Residents Warn Of More Jet Noise, Pollution From New FAA Flight Paths

LOS ANGELES ( — Residents in Culver City say a new air traffic control system is behind increased jet noise and pollution in the skies above their homes.

Under proposed changes to flight paths set to take effect in 2016, jets would fly directly over downtown Culver City, Culver City High School and other nearby schools as part of the FAA's NextGen program, according to a petition filed with

The "Stop the Proposed FAA NextGen Flights Over Culver City" petition claims the new rules will allow an increased number of planes in the air flying at lower altitudes and along a narrower flight path over homes and schools.

Airport officials say the new flight procedure utilizes satellite-based navigation technology for a more precise and narrower flight path, resulting in a concentration of flights over certain areas. The move is aimed at providing more direct routes for aircraft to reach their destinations and improving airspace efficiency.

But hundreds of people who have signed the online petition are worried that authorities are ignoring other possible side effects.

"Many Culver City residents are concerned the increased jet noise and pollution will negatively impact our home values, businesses, environment, our children's ability to concentrate and learn in school, and their ability to safely play outside without the spew of toxic chemicals from the jet fuel overhead," the petition reads.

The deadline for residents to voice their concerns directly to the FAA is Sept. 8.


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