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Culver City Cuts 15-Foot Parking Signs In Half

CULVER CITY ( — For a brief time Thursday and Friday the parking regulation signs outside Linwood E. Howe Elementary School topped 15 feet.

The signs were meant to clarify a new drop-off and pick-up procedure for when classes resume at the school, but as CBS2's Juan Fernandez reported, neighbors just found them confusing.

Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells said the plan was for the signs to only be displayed temporarily.

"They just didn't look temporary," she said. "So they were going to be taken down. And it looked like ... whoa. It was pretty impressive."

By late Friday, half of the signs were gone, although that still left more than a few regulations for spaces near the school.

Culver City resident John Ikuma said parking near the school is at a premium.

"There's nowhere for the teachers to park," said Ikuma. "And then we also have restaurants down the street. We had permits put in about three years ago, four years ago, and that's helped. But this is a whole new level."

Parent Donna Thorn said parking tickets in the area can cost as much as $73.

"As it is it's already hard to get your child to school on time, now we have to stop, look, read the sign," Thorn said. "And then I like to help out in the morning, so I really have to read these signs so I don't get a ticket. Because it's common over here."

The new procedures will still launch when pupils return Monday, but getting the word out will take a different route.

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