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CSULB Professor Under Fire For 'White Supremacist' Beliefs

LONG BEACH ( — A California State University Long Beach professor is being called a white supremacist and a neo-Nazi for preaching white rights.

Kevin MacDonald is the director of a new political party called American Third Position (A3P), which espouses the view that immigration should be stopped.

"We're being displaced, it's so obvious," MacDonald said.

His psychology classes have been boycotted and a YouTube video shows students confronting him about his beliefs.

CBS2/KCAL9's Serene Branson spoke with MacDonald, who maintains his political activities have nothing to do with his teaching.

"I think the white middle class is scared economically. They're concerned about the future of the country. Underlying it, there is a fear of the future. When whites are a minority, there is a concern the country won't be the same anymore," MacDonald said.

The professor said white citizens will be a minority by 2042.

MacDonald said he's simply stating what many are afraid to, and that's made him a celebrity in neo-Nazi circles.

Groups such as the American Defamation League have called him a dangerous mind.

"It's normal in American politics for racial/ethnic groups to organize," MacDonald said. "There's the NAACP for black people, the ADL for Jewish-Americans, but the very thought that white people have identity and should be able to organize to pursue their interests as white people is off the map, and anyone who talks that way they will try to fire them."

There have been several efforts to get MacDonald fired from CSULB, where he's taught psychology since 1985.

A self-proclaimed atheist, the professor has always had an interest in politics and that's why he agreed to direct the A3P. The party was formed nationally in 2010 and based on values of anti-immigration, restoring America's sovereignty and stopping the shipping of jobs overseas.

"The white working class can't move to different areas, they can't easily be trained, they're competing with illegals, they've gone for minimum-wage jobs that can't support a family...that's the pathetic thing that's really going on," MacDonald said.

The ADL and similar organizations are disturbed by the professor's involvement in the party and his continued published writings.

"He's written that the Jewish people are a parasitic society that feeds off their host until they take it over," said Melissa Carr, the director of the ADL of Long Beach and Orange County.

Carr's group is monitoring MacDonald and the A3P closely.

"If it was just about organizing, that's one thing, but it's about advocating for a separatist ideology, a supremist ideology where whites reign supreme over other groups," Carr said.

When asked whether he'd consider himself a supremacist MacDonald said the term is overly hyped.

"The phrase 'white supremacy' is a code word. This is silly -- no one would say Koreans who don't want immigration are Korean supremacists. They have been there thousands of years, why shouldn't they?" MacDonald said.

CSULB declined a request for an on-camera interview but spokesman Rick Gloady released a statement, which read, in part, "The personal and academic opinions presented by Kevin MacDonald do not represent the opinions or beliefs of the university or the faculty. While the university defends academic freedom and freedom of speech, it is important to note that Dr. MacDonald's views are entirely his own."

MacDonald said he doesn't plan on retiring or backing down any time soon. He stressed that he has the right to freedom of speech, and it's one he plans to keep exercising.

"Part of me wanted to stand up to this. I thought it was outrageous, uncalled for and, at some point, you want to fight back and not give them what they want," the controversial professor said.

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