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CSU Downplays Report On Policy To Accept Out-Of-State Students

LOS ANGELES ( — Officials with the California State University on Friday denied a report alleging the system would allow out-of-state students — and their higher tuitions — to bypass a statewide enrollment freeze.

A report in the Los Angeles Times quoted campus officials who reportedly claimed CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed allowed exemptions from the freeze for nonresident graduate and undergraduate students.

Only about 5 percent of nearly 350,000 students admitted for the fall semester of 2012 are non-California residents, but they pay an additional $372 per semester unit, resulting in over $4,200 more every semester in tuition.

David Allison, president of the Cal State Students Association, told KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO that any such move would mark a drastic departure from the longstanding mission of the CSU system.


"In the mission [statement] of the CSU, the first two words are 'accessibility' and 'affordability'," said Allison. "If this policy is true, I find it very troublesome."

But Mike Uhlencamp director of media relations for the Cal State system, called the L.A. Times story "misleading" and maintained that the enrollment freeze remains in place across the board.


"At the discretion of the campus, if they have the capacity in a graduate program, they could potentially allow an out-of-state student to enroll," said Uhlencamp.

He estimated the exemption would affect a "handful" of students totaling no more than 200 students across all 23 CSU campuses.

Uhlencamp cited the $750 million in budget cuts implemented last year as the primary reason the CSU has been forced to reduce its enrollment.


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