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Firefighters Rescue Dog Floating Down LA River In Burbank

BURBANK ( — Crews on Friday were able to save a dog floating in a surging Los Angeles River.

The L.A. Fire Department was notified around 3:45 p.m. by several callers who spotted the tan dog from the Barham Boulevard overpass, according to spokesman Erik Scott.

Friday's rains caused the river to swell and flow rapidly.

SKY9 was overhead as an LAFD helicopter caught up to the dog, who had made it to a wide stretch of the riverbed near the Victory Boulevard exit in Burbank.

A firefighter trained in air rescues was descended with a cable and able to quickly scoop up the dog in his arms.

The animal looked perfectly compliant, possibly from exhaustion, as he and the rescuer were hoisted through the air to dry ground.

The firefighter was met with a round of applause by onlookers.

Dog Rescue From LA River
(credit: CBS)

"I think it was marvelous. It was just absolutely amazing," witness Carolynn West said. "Everyone was astonished that they could pluck this little, shivering, tan dog out of this gigantic river."

It's unclear who the dog belongs to and how the animal got into the river.

The pooch was taken to the North Central Animal Shelter in Lincoln Heights and then to an Eagle Rock animal clinic for overnight observation.

CBS2/KCAL9's Rachel Kim reported that the dog, now safe and dry, is eating and drinking.

Clinic employees say the mixed-breed dog has no collar or microchip.

"I'm sure if it has a home, it will go back. And, if it doesn't, hundreds of people will want to adopt it," West said.

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