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Crestline Psychic Accused Of Embezzlement

CRESTLINE ( — Police in the mountain community of Crestline have arrested a psychic and accused her of embezzling money from her clients.

CBS2/KCAL9 Inland Empire reporter Greg Mills spoke to one of the psychic's alleged victims.

The victim didn't want her identity known. But she did want the public to know that she believed she was scammed for more than $3,000.

She says the psychic promised to rid her of a spirit.

The alleged victim says, "It sounds really ridiculous when I think about it."

The Sheriff's Department returned her $3,000 and Cindy the psychic was arrested on embezzlement charges.

Michael Sims, who owns the store next door, said, "It was a week ago. She was just quietly taken out in handcuffs."

The Sheriff's Department says the psychic goes by several names, including Uwanawich.

The Crestline resident met with Cindy twice. "She told me that I had a spirit associated with me that was not an evil spirit, but a spirit that was unhappy."

To rid her of the unhappy spirit, the woman was told she would have to pay $9,000 – that would be returned in nine days.

She gave her a third – the $3,000 – and a month later said she wasn't able to reach Cindy and wasn't getting her calls returned. "She said she'd been ill and wondered if we could meet in a couple of days. And I said that was fine. Then a couple of days later, she wasn't returning phone calls or text messages."

The psychic was hauled off to face embezzlement charges. She was later released from custody.

Mills went to the Uwanawich home in Crestline. Her husband, Nick, opened the door. "When is she going to be home? I don't know. It was all a big misunderstanding is what it was. She got sick and the lady made a complaint because she couldn't get a hold of her."

The Sheriff's Department says they have three more complaints about Cindy. And they believe there could be more victims.

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