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Crestline market roof collapses from snow; Lake Arrowhead market red-tagged

Crestline market roof collapses from snow
Crestline market roof collapses from snow 03:53

The snow-ravaged mountain community of Crestline suffered a major loss when the only source of food, Goodwin & Sons Market, was wiped out Wednesday from a collapsed roof, piled with snow.

According to the National Weather Service, Crestline recorded 91 inches after Tuesday's storm. Fortunately, no one was inside the store at the time of the collapse.

An email from Crestline resident Greg Plooy said the community is working to pool food to keep seniors and short-term vacation renters fed. He said the streets aren't drivable at this time, and they are cutting up downed trees in the roadways just so snowplows can get through.

"Our only source of food was Goodwins Market, whose roof collapsed. So now, we can't walk to get food for ourselves, or seniors and short-term renters who have no food. We are pooling our food to keep them fed," wrote Plooy.

The National Guard arrives to Crestline, flying over Goodwin & Sons Market roof collapse.

The situation worsened when another grocery store less than 10 miles away closed its doors after being red-tagged by the local authorities. 

San Bernardino County officials said Wednesday that county fire, sheriff's, and public works department staff can deliver food and medicine to homebound people. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency for 13 counties including Crestline's San Bernardino County on Wednesday. According to the emergency proclamation, the state will coordinate with Caltrans and the county to bring in additional snowplows, road crews and personnel from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to help with the cleanup efforts. The governor has activated the California National Guard and contracted private companies to help remove snow and clear roadways. 

Thursday late afternoon, the National Guard arrived to Crestline. They can be seen from a SkyCal aerial shot, flying over the collapsed roof of Goodwin & Sons Market, bringing much needed aid to the community.

It is also reported that Cal OES is working with San Bernardino County to open two shelters for residents and coordinate escorts for power companies, food and water deliveries and service providers for vulnerable populations. 

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