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Credit Card 'Skimmer' Found At 2nd Gas Station In Sierra Madre

SIERRA MADRE (CBS) — If you filled up your tank in Sierra Madre recently, the police may want to speak with you.

Customers are being urged to contact the police after reports of credit and debit card fraud at the Valero gas station at the corner of Baldwin and Sierra Madre Boulevard.

The discovery marks the second gas station in Sierra Madre that has been targeted by scammers.

Police were initially alerted after several customers said their credit or debit cards were illegally charged after purchasing gas at the station.

A gas pump door was later found to have been pried open with a "fraud skimmer" placed inside to illegally obtain card and pin numbers.

Back in January of last year, police investigated a reported 175 cases of fraud topping over $49,000 in losses linked to EVG Quality Gas at 50 South Baldwin Avenue.

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