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Coyote Snatches Dog Inside Laguna Beach Home

LOS ANGELES ( — A family in Laguna Beach says a coyote attacked their dog -- inside their own house.

Dog owner John Fischer says the coyote must've ran up the steps in his front yard to get inside his house and snatch his chihuahua.

Fischer says when he heard the commotion in the middle of the night, he hurried down the hall and was stunned at what he saw.

"I saw him [the coyote] bolt and he defintely had something in his mouth, and it was white," Fischer told KCAL9's Jennifer Kastner.

The Fischer family's little white chihuahua Eloise was gone.

Surprisingly, this is not an uncommon story in the Laguna Beach area.

In the past, police have warned Laguna Beach residents to keep their small pets inside, after a series of small dogs were attacked by coyotes.

No matter what, Fischer says, pets in his neighborhood are getting attacked on a weekly basis and he is demanding the city step in to help.

"I'd hope that they'd be removed safely, but taken to where they belong," Fischer said.

"It's like two worlds colliding and it's just not working," he added.

Fischer says he will now keep his doors closed at all hours of the day, and is warning other residents to do the same.

We tried talking to animal services, but no one was available.

"We feel very victimized at this point and it's to where I don't feel safe in my own house," Fischer said.

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