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Couple Seen Cruising The Westside On Motorized Papasan Chair

WEST LOS ANGELES ( — Ever had trouble choosing between staying on the couch or going out?

A man and woman who have been seen cruising the Westside on a motorized papasan chair appear to have found a solution.

They were most recently spotted crossing Olympic Blvd. in West Los Angeles.

Reddit user /u/socalsubie snapped the pic and posted it to Reddit on Monday, where it began making the rounds on the Internet.

Other users said they've spotted the couple cruising in the West L.A. and Santa Monica areas.

"This guy took his date down Sawtelle Blvd. in his modified papasan electric wheelchair!" Reddit user u/ThisIsWhyIDrink said in a post earlier this month.


A Reddit user claiming to be the man's cousin said it's all well within the norm for his fun-loving cousin.

"He comes from a long line of pranksters with good senses of humor. I don't think it's an act, it's just who he is," Reddit user /u/BooBooKitty said.

No word yet on the couple's identity.


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