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Gun Debate: Companies Take Aim At NRA As Members Fire Back

GLENDALE (CBSLA) — Hertz, Avis, Alamo and Enterprise along with Delta, United and many other corporations are taking aim at the NRA.

But as CBSLA's Greg Mills reports, many NRA members are shooting back.

"They're attacking a messenger who believes in freedom," said Jeff Bregman, an NRA member, gun lover, gunsmith and Glendale gun store owner.

Following the murders of 17 high school students in Florida last week, gun laws are being questioned and the NRA targeted.

"This is a harder shot than the NRA has taken in a long time," said Bregman.

United and Delta have dropped discounts for NRA members. That seems to be the ammunition for corporations setting their sites on the NRA.

"You are punishing society for the criminal intent of a handful of people," said Bregman.

Many say something along the lines of this tweet from Hertz:

NRA member Steph wrote back:

"They have a right to do what they want to do and I have a right to spend my money where I feel fit," said NRA member Casey Ray.

Saturday evening the NRA tweeted out:


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