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'We Have A New Mission': Aunt, Uncle Take In 5 Nieces Whose Mom Died From Coronavirus

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- A 33-year-old mother of five was one of the victims of the coronavirus pandemic in the Moreno Valley.

Jasmine Jacobo died from coronavirus a few days after FaceTiming her five daughters during what turned out to be some of her final moments.

Fidencio Jacobo, her brother, and his wife Crystal knew they wanted to take their nieces in to prevent them from going to foster care.

"It was hard but it didn't matter. It was something that had to be done. They're family so it didn't matter. My family went from three to eight," said Crystal Jacobo.

The girls, aged six to 15, now share the Jacobo's three-bedroom home with their aunt, uncle and 4-year-old cousin.

While they weren't able to say their proper goodbyes to their mom, they say a prayer for her every night.

"I tell my mom I love her, I tell her at least you're not hurting no more [sic]. When she was hurting she couldn't tell me that she loved me, but she blowed [sic] me a kiss while that mask was on her," said Trujillo's daughter, Jazlynn.

The girls' uncle is a pipefitter, and his wife was in nursing school but she stopped classes when the girls moved in two weeks ago.

They say they're not sure how they're going to make it through this battle, but that it won't be their first time overcoming something tough.

"I put all my trust in God. He's been with us, he's blessed us and he's seen us through so much, so we know that we have a new mission," said Fidencio Jacobo.

To donate to the girls, their aunt, and uncle, please visit their GoFundMe fundraiser here.
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