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Struggling Families Get Free Diapers With The Help Of Local Councilman

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- A local councilman is taking steps to make sure the youngest members of the community have their necessities during the coronavirus pandemic.

L.A. Councilman Herb Wesson heard of the need some families expressed about getting diapers for their little ones, so he partnered with Good Plus Foundation to participate in a giveaway of 200,000 diapers.

Good Plus Foundation, founded in 2001, focuses on combating poverty across the country.

"So many people live on the margins," Wesson said. "Hell, I've lived on the margins so anything you can get to help those going through a crisis is important."

Families were asked to preregister for the diaper giveaway online.

As soon as it was posted, there was so much of a response that within hours, every diaper was spoken for.

"I think it's important people know we give a damn about them and that we'll go above and beyond," Wesson said.


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