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Controversial Nanny Tells Her Version Of Events That Led To Her Staying

UPLAND ( — She's been called the "Won't Go Nanny" and "The Nightmare Nanny," but whatever you call Diane Stretton, she is still a houseguest.

More than a month ago, Marcel and Ralph Bracamonte say, they fired their live-in nanny. They found Stretton, 64, on Craigslist and agreed she would do light housekeeping and help take care of the couple's three children.

For the first two months, the Bracamontes said everything was fine but that one day, Stretton refused to work or come out of her room. They said they fired her. She dug in her heels and said she wasn't leaving.

CBS2 first broke the story June 25. Since that time, the story has been reported all over the world.

The family has accused the nanny of stealing their food. KNX reported the couple was violating state labor law by not paying the nanny a wage. She charged the family made her work harder than they indicated during the interview process never giving her time off or breaks. Family members and Stretton associates also outlined a series of legal challenges she's made including suing her own family in probate court after her father died. And she's been in court with some of her family for 13 years.

Most recently, CBS2 reported Stretton was seen living in her car outside the Upland Police station.

Her belongings are still in the Bracamonte home. They want the belongings and Stretton gone.

Finally, after more than a month of legal wrangling and accusations from both sides, the nanny is telling her side of the story.

Stretton spoke to CBS2's Tom Wait by phone.

The first thing she wanted to make clear is that she said she never wanted to stay. She certainly doesn't feel welcome, Wait reported.

"I have no plan at all of ever living in that house [again] or spending any more time than is absolutely essential to remove my personal property," Stretton said.

The Bracamontes' former nanny believes she has been unfairly vilified in the press and by her former employers.

"They have lied so much and they have been so mean spirited in harming me when I gave them way more; I gave them four to five times what they were entitled to. And then I get treated like this," she says.

Wait explained Ralph and Marcel are no longer speaking with CBS2 or KCAL9 on camera because of an exclusivity agreement they made with another network.

Off camera, the family concedes they didn't realize inviting Stretton to move in afforded their nanny certain residency or tenant rights. Now they are preparing for a long legal battle.

Stretton tells Wait she will leave but wants to do it in private.

"One of the terms I put on moving out was I wanted no media there at all," says Stretton.

Stretton has not been evicted, and no date has been set for when she must leave.


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