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Community Raising Funds For Trader Joe's Parking Attendant Hurt In Bike Accident

SILVER LAKE ( — A community is rallying behind the recovery of a man who has become a fixture at a Trader Joe's in Silver Lake.

"He made me feel like we were friends," said Kaye Santiago of Egee Mabolis, a parking attendant at the store.

Many say Mabolis wasn't just the guy who helped keep the peace during the crazed rush-hour, but also made a lot of people smile.

"He's always had a greeting for me and since I'm Filipino too so he always greeted me in my language," Santiago said.

"He's always going out of his way to make just life easier. As you can see this is not the easiest place to get a spot and go shopping," said Harry Adinata, another shopper.

But Mabolis hasn't been seen or heard from since a bike accident on Nov. 20.

Coworker Rick Melendez says Mabolis broke his neck after trying to make a sudden stop. He couldn't move his arms or legs.

"I kept asking him, 'Egee, are you OK? Are you OK?' And in a soft voice, he was like, 'I'm OK buddy. I'm OK.' Even then, his spirits were still like, 'I'm fine, I'm fine.' But he wasn't moving," Melendez said.

The 29-year-old Mabolis is working in the U.S. to send money back to his wife and three kids in the Philippines.

With soaring medical bills and no health insurance, friends worry about his future.

"It is going to be tough on him on both sides. His recovery and taking care of his medical expenses," Melendez said.

Mabolis' friends say he is doing better on Tuesday night. He's able to move his hands.

They've launched an online fundraising page and are hoping to raise at least $25,000.


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