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Authorities At Meeting Offer Tips To Keep Bears Away

MONROVIA ( — The growing number of bear sightings in residential areas has prompted officials to take action.

On Thursday night at a community information meeting in Monrovia, officials told residents they expect bears to frequent areas more often as their daily intake during this time of year jumps from 3,000 calories to 25,000.

Department of Fish and Wildlife officials also say that because of the ongoing drought, black bears have adapted to urban areas and are now used to getting food, water and a little shade around homes.

"We know there's a lot of cubs being born very close to town, and we see them with their mothers and what mom teaches you to do is what the youngsters tend to learn," said Lt. Marty Wall with the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The lieutenant says the best thing for residents to do is avoid attracting bears to their properties by controlling food in trash cans, picking up fruit fallen from trees and protecting fish ponds.

"The bears. The coyotes. None of them are leaving. We just need to learn to live and adapt with them," Kate Clark, a Monrovia resident, told KCAL9's Rachel Kim.

And despite the sirens and beanbags that scare them back into their habitat, authorities say these bears know when and where the food is, so they'll keep coming back.

Bear-resistant trash cans and electric fences are among other ways to keep bears away, authorities said.

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