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College's Mascot Costume Stolen Just Days Before Halloween

LOS ANGELES ( — The mascot's costume for the Cal State San Bernardino basketball team has been stolen just days before Halloween.

Cal State San Bernardino freshman Hayley Glass said that the mascot's costume was stolen out of her car in Redlands on October 20th.

"Cadee the Coyote" is brand-new mascot this season for Cal State San Bernardino.

For basketball season, the school was supposed to feature both Cadee and Cody the Coyote on the sidelines.

"I get to be a whole different person." Glass said of wearing the mascot costume.

"It's a whole new personality that I get to display for the school, so I was devastated when I saw that it was stolen," she added.

Cadee was a $4,000 purchase for the college, and a police report has been filed with the Redlands Police Department.

"Costumes like that are not cheap," Joe Guiterrez, the spokesman for Cal State San Bernardino said.

"They're fairly expensive and we are a state university and don't have the money like that to pick up something like that. We would like Cadee back. We want Cadee back," Guiterrez added.

Unless Cadee is returned, the school will have to just go with Cody the Coyote on the sidelines.

With Halloween on Saturday, stealing a mascot costume is a mean trick without the treat.

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