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Climate change protest prompts large police presence in DTLA; Activists chain themselves to doors of Chase Bank

CBS News Los Angeles: The Rundown (April 6 PM Edition) 02:08

A nationwide climate change protest prompted a large law enforcement presence in Downtown Los Angeles Wednesday, after protestors were asked to leave on several instances but failed to do so. 

Protestors initially gathered in Pershing Park at around 1 p.m., just days after an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change analysis on how to address the climate emergency was released - and in the midst of another sudden heat wave in the middle of April. 

The group, compiled of scientists and supporters, then headed towards Downtown Los Angeles, where they gathered outside of Chase Bank, primarily because the company has reportedly invested in more fossil fuel projects than any other company worldwide. 

According to Peter Kalmus, a climate scientist and cofounder of the Climate Ad Project, over 1,000 other activists partook in similar protests worldwide, information released via his Twitter account.

With Sky9 overhead, a large police presence could be seen in the area, as they set up a skirmish line to prevent protestors from further gathering. Several of the protestors were holding signs, some of which read "Chase fuels the crisis" and "Chase funds climate destruction."

Eventually, only four protestors were left - who had chained themselves to the doors of the Chase Bank building. 

Officers were working to remove those individuals as they continued to monitor the area to prevent further gatherings.

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