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City Of West Hollywood Hosting 'Survival' Street Party

WEST HOLLYWOOD ( — West Hollywood is shutting down part of the city Friday for a celebratory "survival" block party amid doomsday predictions.

John Duran of the West Hollywood City Council tells CBS2's Serene Branson that the city plans to celebrate survival Friday evening.

The event will close Larrabee Street and Santa Monica Boulevard with a New Year-style countdown planned for 9:12 p.m., Branson reports.

"Well Australia has already declared it didn't happen because in Australian time it has already come and gone. We're just using our Pacific Standard Time," said Duran.

Said Duran, "we're gonna have Mayan dancers. We're gonna have comics. We're gonna have people out on the street all up and down Santa Monica Boulevard. We're gonna have the restaurants, the nightclubs, the bars… everybody's got T-shirts for the end of the world. Special end of the world cocktails."

"We call them our survivor cocktails. One is 'The Earthquake,' 'The Tsunami,' 'The Volcano.' And we figure if we're still here after the anticipated end of the world, then we're all survivors," said Richard Grossi, owner of Eleven Restaurant & Nightclub.

Elsewhere, the Griffith Park Observatory plans to stay open one minute after midnight to dispel concerns regarding the end of the world.

"A particular cycle does complete on the 21st of December just like our year completes on the 31st of December," said Dr. Ed Krupp of the Griffith Park Observatory. "There is absolutely no basis for all of the wild and crazy claims that have come attached to this."

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