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City Trying To Close Bikini Coffee Shop Accused Of Serving Nudity

STANTON ( — Stanton is trying to shut down a Vietnamese coffee shop, where officials claim bikini-clad waitresses serve more than java and juices.

The city filed a lawsuit against GZ Cafe last month in Orange County Superior Court. The business advertises online as a place that serves coffee and smoothies by women in bikinis.

One customer, who did not want to reveal his name, said he witnessed nudity when he was there. "The first time I went there, I seen their tops drop - the bikini tops. They dropped."

Ricardo Hernandez, who co-owns Pure Barbershop two doors down, said he is happy about the customers that GZ Cafe brings to the shopping center. "I guess like the Hooters in a sense, like a Starbucks with Hooters combined. It's good for all of us as a business owner. I wouldn't want him to leave just for the business he brings us and vice-versa."

But Hernandez claims patrons are allowed to smoke indoors, something he does not welcome because the smoke comes through his shop.

In January, Orange County Sheriff's deputies said they issued tickets to three waitresses for nudity at GZ Cafe.

When the shop was operated in Garden Grove, police wrote seven tickets for nudity and many more to the patrons for smoking indoors, something the owner denies.

Attorneys for GZ Cafe said nothing illegal is going on inside the business. "There are girls in normal cover such as bikinis or shorts and shirts, pretty girls, serving your drinks to you. And that's it," attorney Randal Whitecotton said.

Bikini coffee shops are common in the Little Saigon area. They are popular hangouts among Vietnamese men.

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