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Cedars Along Christmas Tree Lane In Jeopardy

ALTADENA (CBSLA) — Even in the heat of August, to people who live along Santa Rosa Avenue in Altadena, it always feels like Christmas.

Known as Christmas Tree Lane, thousands come to the avenue every year to see the colorful holiday lights draped over 150 majestic cedar trees that line both sides of the street.

"It is a devastating effect," said Tony Ward, Christmas Tree Lane foreman. "We hope we're going to be able to save these trees and continue the tradition since 1920."

Twenty-six of the trees are sick and may be dying due to the recent Southern California drought.

People who live along this storied street are determined to not let a 96-year-old tradition become history. They're putting in dry wells to help hydrate the most thirsty trees and using sandbags to pool every bit of irrigation water.

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