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CHP seeking information on suspect connected to road rage incident in Glendale

Violent road rage in Glendale caught on camera
Violent road rage in Glendale caught on camera 02:20

Police are searching for information on a suspect connected to a road rage incident that was caught on camera in Glendale on Wednesday, Jan. 11.

Wild cellphone footage shows a Tesla swerving in front of another vehicle in the southbound lanes of State Route 2, just north of the York Boulevard offramp, during the morning commute at around 8:30 a.m., before the driver abruptly exits the vehicle armed with a what seemed like a metal pipe. 

The man then starts hitting the driver's door and window of the second vehicle before reentering the Tesla and fleeing from the scene. 

The suspect approached the victim's truck while driving on State Route 2. The victim, who wished to stay anonymous, said the man also tried to attack another driver.  KCAL News

The victim, who did not want to be identified, said he also recorded the suspect trying to hit another car with the pole. However, that driver was able to get out of harm's way. The victim said he was trying to get the suspect's license plate on video. 

"The guy notices that I'm recording on my iPhone so he tried to chase me down," the victim said. 

The man, who was still rattled by the attack, said that he just got his truck two months before this enraged man decided to smash it. 

On top of the cellphone footage, California Highway Patrol officers are using the victim's dashcam footage in the incident for their investigation. 

A spokesperson said there have been reports of similar incidents but will not yet confirm if they're connected. 

The victim urges other drivers to be vigilant, he said even though the incident was scary he had to do something to try and help track down the attacker.

"It was a little frightening but I'm a believer that if you see something that's not right," he said. "You got to stand up and do what's right."

Witnesses were asked to contact CHP investigators at (213) 744-2331. 

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