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Children's Dental Group Offers Statement About Recent Link To Infections

ANAHEIM (  —  The Children's Dental Group on Friday issued the following statement.

"We wish to update you on developments and what we are doing to serve the families of our Anaheim office.

A small number of patients who received pulpotomies, also known as "baby root canals," at our Anaheim office contracted an infection that took weeks after treatment to manifest symptoms such as pain or swelling around the tooth, or tenderness of the gum, neck or jaw.

This issue exists only in our 2156 E. Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim office; not at any of our other offices.

We have been reaching out to the families of all patients who received pulpotomies at our Anaheim office during the last several months. We are asking all of these patients, even in the absence of any symptoms, to come in for x-rays, an examination, and a health history so that we can evaluate whether any signs of infection exist and prescribe appropriate care if necessary.

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We have been calling the families, and we have sent out letters. This will continue until we reach everyone possible. Many patients have already come in, and many are scheduled. Our doctors and staff at Anaheim are dedicating all of their efforts to seeing these patients. We would like to see everyone we have reached out to so that we may ensure the wellness of our patients.

Also, we continue to work with the Orange County Health Agency (OCHA), and appreciate their efforts in analyzing and addressing this situation. This has included testing of the water and irrigation systems used in our office. The testing has revealed problems with the water, and in collaboration with OCHA and in accordance with their order, we have stopped using it on patients. We are also cooperating with the State Dental Board in their investigation.

FILE -- The Children's Dental in Anaheim is the subject of an investigation, as health officials try to track down the source of a bacterial infection. Sept. 13, 2016.

A plan to replace the water system is underway in consultation with several experts, technicians, and vendors. We will submit it to OCHA for approval, then implement it as soon as possible so that we may resume full service to our patients. Until we replace the water system, however, in accordance with direction from OCHA—the work will be limited to the x-rays and examinations for our patients who have had the pulpotomies at Anaheim; these exams do not require the use of water.

We are communicating with the affected families, and providing copies of charts when requested (this usually takes about a day).

Our focus is on the health of our patients. We are working tirelessly to see them and take the necessary precautions.

If you have any questions, please contact"



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