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Story Involving 'Kidnapped' Boy Takes On Several Twists And Turns; Family Friend In Custody

MID-CITY (CBSLA) --  A 7-year-old child was reportedly kidnapped from the area of Wilshire and Orange Grove in Mid-City Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

The incident started with an alleged carjacking reported Stu Mundel in Sky9.

Later, police found the vehicle but no suspect or boy. The story took on several twists after the vehicle was found. And authorities believe now there was no kidnapping or carjacking -- at least not one in the conventional sense.

A family acquaintance is in custody after driving off with a friend's vehicle with the friend's son in the truck.

Police said the entire incident began with a domestic situation.

Reported CBS2/KCAL's Rachel Kim, "It all started when the LAPD was called to an area near the Petersen Automotive Museum. They said a gray Chevy Silverado was stolen and there was a 7-year-old boy in the back seat."

The boy's father talked to officers at the scene. He allegedly told police a man had punched him and took off with his car, son and cellphone.

The car was found on Elm Drive in Beverly Hills -- where the father and boy live.

Kim tried talking to the father, a man named Angelo, to find out what happened but this is what we got.

"This is private property, can you please step off? I'm going to call the police on you guys," Angelo said.

Angelo later came back out to the carport where he watched a child being taken out of a car, covered with a blanket. Angelo told Kim the child wasn't his son.

Minutes later, a man who says he is Angelo's friend told Kim, Angelo made up the whole story. He said this all began when Angelo and his cousin got into a fight and Angelo got punched in the head.

"He got beat up from the cousin and since I can't beat you up since you're bigger and stronger than me, so let me call the police and tell the police what happened -- that you beat me up and robbed me." the friend said, "And I'll get you in trouble and put you like that."

Hours later, the LAPD told Kim the child was brought to their Wilshire station by a man named Nicky Jace who is described as a longtime family friend.

Jace was arrested for carjacking and kidnapping.

Police believe this incident began when the boy, his father and Jace were all in the truck together.

They said the father got out of the vehicle to get food and Jace got angry because he had to get somewhere. Authorities said after the father got out of the car, Jace took the vehicle. Whether there was ever a fight remains unclear.

The LAPD says the father does not want to press charges against his friend but confirmed Jace was booked on carjacking and kidnapping charges.

The boy was not harmed.


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