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Chef Sharone Hackman Shares New Sauces, Holiday Cocktail Recipes

STUDIO CITY ( — Chef Sharone Hackman stopped by KCAL9 Friday to talk about his new sauces and how to entertain for holidays in the new year.

Hackman shared two recipes during his interview:

  • Sliders Bar: In a bowl, mix together the meat, green onion, chives, salt and pepper. Form them into six mini slider patties. Then sear the patties in a skillet, and top with your choice of onion, pepper, mushrooms and greens. Add a dollop of Hak's BBQ Sauce in Chipolte Bourbon, Thai Chili Tamarind, Habanero Pineapple or Smoked Maple Mustard.

Ingredients: One pound ground 80/20 beef, six slider buns, 1/4 cup chopped green onion, 1/4 cup chives, one tablespoon cooking oil, salt and pepper, caramelized onion, roasted peppers, mushrooms, arugula, Hak's BBQ Sauce

  • Sharone's Holiday Cocktail: Let the ginger, cucumber and limes infuse in vodka for about one week. In a champagne flute, add one ounce of infused vodka, half an ounce of simple syrup, and fill the remainder of the glass with Brut Cuvée Champagne. Finish the drink off by garnishing the glass with cucumber and fresh mint.

Ingredients: Vodka, one cup sliced ginger, one cup sliced cucumber, two sliced limes, simple sugar (one part water, one part sugar), Barefoot's Brut Cuvée Champagne


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