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Charges Filed Against Man Accused Of Illegally Dumping Soiled Adult Diapers

LAGUNA BEACH ( — The Orange County DA has filed charges against a man they suspect of dumping soiled adult diapers around Laguna Beach and Newport Beach.

Tomoo Kawai, 67, is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 17.

If convicted Kawai faces up to six months in jail and probation.

Kawai, of Newport Beach, was charged with disposing of prohibited waste unlawfully, a misdemeanor.

Officials in Orange County were puzzled this summer when bags of soiled diapers started showing up along the Pacific Coast Highway. The illegal dumping went on for months.

In September, Laguna Beach police found a bag that also contained an envelope with an address on it.

They traced the bag and envelope to Kawai's residence, according to authorities.

Officers stopped a man driving a Lexus who left the residence. They reportedly found a bag of adult diapers in the man's passenger seat.

Kawai was arrested September 26.

Officials said they couldn't explain why Kawai didn't throw the diapers away in his own trash can or hire a diaper service to retrieve them.

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