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Chargers On The Move? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Thinks So

LOS ANGELES ( — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said on Wednesday that the city of San Diego is nearly out of time to put together a viable plan that would keep the Chargers in the city.

The NFL will host a meeting on January 12th and 13th where team owners are expected to decide on which teams, if any, will be allowed to move to Los Angeles.

When asked if it would be impossible for the city of San Diego to achieve a plan that meets the required guidelines of the NFL in time, Goodell said,"it appears that is the case, yes."

Owners met today today to discuss the potential move to Los Angeles. The majority of owners agreed that the St. Louis Rams were the closest of the three teams (Raiders and Chargers) to meeting the guidelines required to warrant a relocation.

There are certainly no guarentees that any of the three teams will meet the regulations required for a move, but commissioner Goodell seems to think the Chargers will in fact meet the requirements and eventually move to Los Angeles in the near future.

Goodell emphasized certainty in his explanation of what is required for a successful proposal.

"Certainty means no further votes required," Goodell said, "that there is a deal that is fully approved, that there are not complications that are unforeseen, that this project can be completed. It's that simple."

However, he also stated that even if St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland all put together viable and certain stadium projects, there is no guarantee those markets would keep their teams.

If all goes according to plan, the NFL and it's fans will know which teams, if any, will be relocating to Los Angeles by the middle of January.

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