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Census: LA County Has Highest Number Of Cross-County Commuters

LOS ANGELES ( — If you live or work in Southern California, chances are you cross a county line to get there, according to a report released Tuesday.

KNX 1070's John Brooks reports the U.S. Census Bureau found getting from home to work and back is often a county-to-county affair for millions of drivers in the region.

Census: LA County Has Highest Number Of Cross-County Commuters

The "Out-of-State and Long Commutes: 2011" survey found an estimated 1.5 million Californians either working or living in the state faced a commute of 60 minutes or longer — about 12 percent of all workers statewide compared with 8 percent in the United States as a whole.

About 471,000 commuters drive into L.A. County from neighboring counties each day to get to work, while 336,000 travel from L.A. County into neighboring counties for their commute.

The average one-way commute to work for people living in L.A. County was 29.4 minutes, while the average commute nationally was 25.5 minutes.

Most drivers were less than surprised by the survey's findings.

"It takes its toll on you psychologically, physically, emotionally," said one commuter. "You get home and you're all wound up."

Carpooling, meanwhile, has yet to offer a viable alternative to drivers, with as many as 72 percent of workers in countywide still driving to work alone.

Click here (PDF) to read the entire U.S. Census Bureau survey.

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