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Census Data Shows Thousands More Moving Out Of LA, OC Than Moving In

SANTA ANA (CBSLA) — More people are leaving Orange and Los Angeles counties than are moving in, according to census data.

A breakdown of last year's census numbers shows Orange County had 20,104 more people leave than move in, marking the 10th worst net out-migration among big counties in the U.S. L.A. County had 98,608 people leave, marking the biggest net loss in the U.S.

Gabriela Aragon, of Santa Ana, isn't surprised to hear about exodus.

"If I want a nice three bedroom home ... you think you're not gonna be able to afford it here so maybe elsewhere," she said.

But not everyone is moving out of state. Riverside County had 18,980 people move in; that's the fourth biggest gain in the nation, according to the data.

"I think you can get what we have here elsewhere, you just have to find it," said Kai Nguyen.

"I've seen the rent prices go sky-high. My family personally lives in Corona but some of them are talking about moving out to Texas," another woman said.

Leaving is still going to cost you. According to one U-Haul store employee in Orange County, trucks going one-way out of state are in high demand.

From Orange County to Phoenix, a 26 ft. truck is estimated to cost $1,465. The same truck going in the opposite direction is estimated to cost $101.

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