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Celebrating Michel Moore's final day as chief at the Los Angeles Police Department

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Michel Moore will be handing over his badge at the Los Angeles Police Department on Thursday and beginning his retirement.

LAPD assistant chief Dominic Choi will serve as the interim chief while the city searches for his replacement. He will take on the role starting Friday, March 1.

LAPD officers will pay tribute to Moore when he walks out of the building for the final time as chief Thursday afternoon. The Honor Cordon is scheduled for 3 p.m. outside LAPD headquarters.

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Moore said he plans to move away from Los Angeles to be closer to his daughter, though he will retain a consultant role with the city. 

On Wednesday, Moore was honored by Mayor Karen Bass and the Los Angeles City Council, recognizing his four decades of service with the department, including serving as the agency's 57th chief.

“It’s time for me to shift my focus:” LAPD Chief Moore retires 01:08

"We've been through many crises related to weather or other various situations where you had to call everybody together and we work together collaboratively, and I really appreciate that and honor your 40 years," Bass said during the ceremony in the Council Chamber.

In regard to the pandemic, she noted that Moore had to go through the experience of losing many officers, and yet while grieving, he continued to lead.

"I know that Cindy and your daughter will be happy to have you home full-time," Bass said. "You're not going to go away immediately, and we've asked that you stay on for a while and work with Interim Chief Dominic Choi to make sure that there is a smooth transition."

Michel Moore's life history

Born in Porterville, California in 1960, Moore was the second of five children growing up in different parts of the United States, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, who chairs the council's Public Safety Committee, said. He graduated high school in Conway, Arkansas, and moved to Southern California in 1978, joining the LAPD in 1981.

Moore earned a bachelor's degree in business management in 1993, and completed a masters in business administration in 1999.

"Chief Moore rose through the ranks from a detective sergeant lieutenant working various patrols, investigative and administrative assignments throughout the city," Rodriguez said.

Moore became a captain in 1998, first assigned to the Rampart Division. In 2002, he was promoted to commander, then deputy chief in 2004, assuming command of operations at the department's West Bureau. In 2014, he was assigned as director of the Office of Administrative Services, overseeing the department's fiscal, personnel, training and other various support operations. He became first assistant chief in 2016.

In 2018, he was sworn in as the chief of police, replacing Charlie Beck.

"I've said repeatedly that Chief Moore has an encyclopedic understanding of this department, and he has served in so many various roles, and understands the dynamics, the reporting requirements and the importance of building the public's trust," Rodriguez said.

Moore told the council he was humbled by the support and proud of his time as chief.

"Nearly six years ago, I was here in front of this body with my wife Cindy, as we sought the confirmation of this council with my appointment," Moore said. "Over the course of that confirmation, I remained committed to working with each of you to pursue a common goal of public safety and to lead with purpose, compassion and with partnerships."

Moore added, "I'll forever cherish the challenges and success enjoyed, remembering the 239 men and women of this department and their families who have sacrificed their life in the service of this great city." 

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