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Cedric The Entertainer And Max Greenfield Discuss The Season Finale Of 'The Neighborhood': 'This Is Something We're All Really Proud Of'

Cedric The Entertainer and Max Greenfield are back for the season finale of The Neighborhood tonight starting at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. In 'Welcome To The Speed Bump" and "Welcome To The Campaign" Dave runs for city council with Calvin's help against a guest starring Wayne Brady.

CBS Local's Matt Weiss spoke to Cedric and Greenfield to discuss tonight's episode, quarantine and potential side gigs.

MW: Hey Cedric, Max, awesome to speak with both of you today! With everything going on right now, how are you both holding up?  

CTE: I'm doing great for the situationafter two months and kind of being quarantined in the house. I'm anxious to get out in the world again but overall though, good. Like most people exercising a lot morespending quality time with my kids and wife, so it's been good. 

MG:  Yeah, I'm the same. Definitely feel really fortunate to be in a position where we get to be home. I don't have to go out. A lot, lot of family time but yeah it is what it is we're making the best of it. 

MW: Are there any new activities you've been coming up with during quarantine? 

MG: So many. I hope none of them stick [Laughs]. We're passing the time for sure. 

CTE: Yeah nothing crazy different for me. A little bit more of the typical walking in the neighborhood so I'm meeting a lot of new neighbors. People that normally we're all in our cars and just kind of going past each other. Just kind of like, 'oh that's the person that lives in that house', but now you got, "hey we're the Steinfelds", and you're like, 'OK how are you guys and your dog? Oh, look at him, what a biggy.' Now you have a little bit more idea of the people who live next to you. It's kind of interesting to meet them out on these walks in the neighborhood. 

MW: Some positives, that's always good to see. What about the cast? Have you all done anything "together"? 

MG: We did a big video call with everybody the other day but we're always checking in on each other. Text and phone. Seems like everybody's doing OK. 

CTE: Yeah, I've been posing. I like to, from time to time, just kind of pose as a door dash driver just so I can get close to see Max and Tichina. I'll just go by, I won't even have food, I'll just have the outfit and the hot bag where I can just put stuff in there. Just stand outside their house and say'hey guys!' and they'll say, 'hey where's my chicken wings', and I'm like, 'I'm sorry I'm not a real Door Dash dude. 

MW: [Laughs] Well maybe it's a side job for you. You already have the uniform.  

CTE: Yeah exactly.  I don't know why I didn't think about actually making money with it. But I do it to go see people.  

MW: Nice, nice. You two have a great relationship. The relationship between Dave and Calvin didn't start off so great but that's grown a lot as the show is going on. Can you talk about that relationship and how it's grown over the seasons? 

MG: I think it's been a really nice partnership between both Cedric and I and the writers. Trying to find a really smart balance of not keeping it totally contentious between the two of them. Allowing them to really have moments where they come together and we see their friendship. But also, at the same time not letting them get too close. I think in terms of Cedric and I on set and what we've been able to establish it's been really special, really organic. I can't speak for Cedric, but I very much enjoyed my time working on this show. I think our relationship on the show is something that I'm most proud. 

CTE: Yeah same here for sure. I think that all the intentions of what the show is about in the first place. It's really started to show itself right here in this second season. It'the idea of kind of having prejudices and ideas against someone because you don't know them.

In the second season we start to get to know each other a little bitthose idiosyncrasies, those small things that makes a person tick and those things that tick you off. It's in that thread is where you find its a great bond of uniqueness and friendship. That's what Dave and Calvin are starting to find throughout the season. Of course, a lot of funny.

These last two episodes are really a great example of that because Dave tries to do something good and in the middle of doing something good, he tries to take it another level further and Calvin is just not with it. He tries to run for City Councilwith his first time out, he expects to win.  

MW: I was going to ask about tonight, where we'll see an episode where Max, your character runs for City Council and Cedric your character helps him out. Can you talk about what we're going to see with that a little bit more? 

MG: Yeah. Dave is out in front of the house and has a near death experience where he's almost run over by a car. He decides to petition within the community to get a speed bump put in. He's successful and it ignites a sense of civic duty, so he decides to run for City Council. The incumbent at the moment is played by Wayne Brady who is the City Councilman at the time. Calvin sort of reluctantly helps Dave get ready for an election run. 

MW: First thing that popped in my head when you said Wayne Brady was the Chappelle Show skit. Is that the Wayne Brady we'll be seeing as your antagonist.

CTE: Yeah, he does a little bit of both. The CBS version of where he's the good guy and he's just kind of a bad guy where you see this undertone. He plays this very cool version of what would be a politician who's charming and loving to the people who got his back.

Then when he finds out someone is challenging him; you see this the evil Wayne Brady, the Chappelle Show Wayne Brady. We tried to capture that. Unfortunately, this is supposed to be a three-show arc. We weren't able to finish that last one that really round his character little more but we love what it was doing.  

MW: As part of the election campaign do you dress up as Door Dash guys and go to people's houses and just put stuff in their mailboxes? Is that really where this came from? 

MG: [Laughs] That was our finale and we weren't able to shoot it. That was the last episode. 

MW: Bummer. Hopefully you do that next season at some point. 

MG: We hope. 

MW: Last question for you both before I let you go. Tonight, a double episode and a lot of people are going through a tough time but TV and The Neighborhood gives people a chance to escape. What does it mean to each of you to be able to fill some of that void for people?

CTE: Well I think it's really great. I'm really excited that in the past few weeks people just really still stay tuned into the show, watching each week, it's great. It lets you know that people are at home with their families. We'll provide a great family form of entertainment. It's making people laugh and also growing and learning and looking at their neighbors differently. I'm just really proud to be a part of the show, excited that people loving it. 

MG: This is something we're all really proud of before any of this happened is that this has always been a family show. A show that you can gather everybody together on a Monday night or whenever you want to watch it and sit down and watch it and have a nice experience with your entire family. Whether it's your brother, your sister or your kids or whatever it is, I think that's something we've always been proud ofespecially at a time like this.  

MW: Thank you both so much for the time today and all the best, stay safe!

MG: Thanks man, you too.

CTE: Take care of yourself, Matt.

Tune in tonight for special double episode of The Neighborhood starting at 8:00 PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. Check your local listings for more information.

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