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CBS2 Investigation: Who Inspects And Regulates Amusement Park Rides Like Free Drop?

LOS ANGELES (   —  A 31-year-old woman fell to her death on a fair attraction at the San Bernardino County Fair.

CBS2 Investigative Reporter David Goldstein has been looking into who inspects and regulates attractions in the state of California.

He reports the answer is startling.

California has some of the toughest amusement ride regulations in the nation.

Goldstein wanted to find out which state agency is responsible for inspections and licensing on Free Drop, a non-mechanical ride where Sabrina Gordon died.

The answer: no one.

There is a 28-foot freefall. But there are no local or state regulations covering this ride. No inspections.

"I would want to see this particular type ride regulated," said Kenneth Solomon, an accident-prevention expert.

In California, Cal/OSHA inspects amusement rides but only mechanical ones. Not something like the Free Drop.

"Somebody should be controlling rides of this sort," Solomon said, "otherwise, it sort of goes out of control."

The San Bernardino County Fair Manager said the Free Drop is similar to a bounce house so no permit is required.

The ride was inspected by the insurance company but that's it.

Solomon questions if the ride should even be there.

"It's my opinion and only my opinion that it does not belong in an amusement park," he said.

The company that owns Free Drop told CBS2 that it conducts thorough safety training with each employee as well as each participant.

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