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CBS Is Looking For A New 'MacGyver' And We've Found Him!

LOS ANGELES ( —  CBS is reportedly re-booting the popular 80s era TV show "MacGyver" and just about every young actor in town will likely be up for the role.

But we know who CBS should hire. No need to thank us (but we would consider accepting a finder's fee.)

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Obviously the fee would be minimal. CBS -- your new "MacGyver" is already on the payroll.  Look no further than "The Young and the Restless."

Justin Hartley, who has played nefarious Adam since November 2014, is "MacGyver" for all the right reasons.

We heart Justin Hartley. So do audiences.

For those familiar with the original series, a brief description. Rather than carry a gun, Angus MacGyver always used his wits to get out of any situation or jam. He often took mundane items ("I need a bobby pin!") to save the day, usually with seconds to spare. ("Hurry MacGyver! That bomb is going to blow!!")

The original series (which spawned a couple of TV movies and a parody on "Saturday Night Live" called "MacGruber") ran on ABC from 1985-1992. It made a big star out of soap opera heart throb Richard Dean Anderson.  And there is where Hartley comes in.

Not only does Hartley look a little like Richard Dean Anderson but he's got the soap opera hunk thing down pat.

Hartley had the difficult job of not only taking over the role of whip-smart Adam on "Y&R" from a popular actor (so he knows about stepping into big shoes), but also during a time in the story line when he was hated by the audience -- he had just killed a child by hit-and-run  (his romantic rival's kid no less) and it wasn't clear if audiences would accept him, let alone not want him gone.

The popular daytime actor can do light comedy or heavy drama, looks good with his shirt off (and his shirt is often off), he's ridiculously charismatic, and would look believing diffusing a bomb.

In 2003, he joined the now defunct NBC soap "Passions" playing the role of aptly-named Fox. He's also got the primetime cred. He left "Passions" to play the title role in the CW (another CBS entity) pilot, "Aquaman" (where he was often wet and shirtless) before recurring as Oliver Queen on the hit show "Smallville" where he became a regular.

Audiences also know him for "Mistresses" (where he was shirtless but mostly dry) and "Revenge" as well as "Castle" and "Hart of Dixie."

You can follow Justin Hartley @HarleyJustin on Twitter or his official Facebook page where he already has more than 235,000 followers.

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