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Caught On Video: San Marino Mayor Creating A Stink After Throwing Dog Waste Into Neighbor's Yard

SAN MARINO ( — The mayor of San Marino is in the doghouse after surveillance video caught him throwing dog feces onto his neighbor's yard.

Some residents are even calling for his resignation.

"What in the world were you thinking?" a San Marino resident said at a crowded meeting Wednesday night at City Hall. "What procedures do we go through to have him resign?"

San Marino Mayor Dennis Kneier Creating A Stink After Throwing Dog Waste Into Neighbor's Yard
(credit: CBS)

Mayor Dennis Kneier's neighbor Phillip Lao says the two have been embroiled in an ongoing feud since 2008 because he disagrees with some of the lawmaker's proposals.

Lao says he's filing harassment charges against the mayor and the city.

"If I were in his place I would resign, in shame," Lao said.

The mayor apologized at the start of Wednesday's meeting.

"I have absolutely regretted that action. I have apologized to the property owner to which the bag ended up," Kneier said.

But a few residents spoke out, saying an apology wasn't enough — they want Kneier to step down from his post.

Some people at the meeting spoke in the mayor's defense, saying he and his wife have worked hard for the residents in San Marino.

"There are few people in this community who have dedicated as much time as Liz and Dennis," one resident said.

The mayor did not comment whether he would consider resigning despite multiple inquiries.

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