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Caught On Video: Man Confronts Woman After He Says He Saw Baby Left Alone In Locked Car

TORRANCE ( — A man was outraged when he says he saw a baby left alone in a hot car with the windows up and the engine off in Torrance.

After seeing the baby, Carl Paz says he walked inside a Torrance Sprint store to confront the child's mother. CBS2 blurred the mother's face because she hasn't been charged with any crime.

Carl Paz: "But I mean, it's hot outside."

Woman: "Is it really that hot?"

Carl Paz: "It really is."

"You know how it is when the doors are closed, windows are up, maybe leather interior. It just gets really hot," Paz told CBS2's Jennifer Kastner.

Paz said he shot the video Monday afternoon when the outside temperature was nearing 80 degrees.

Woman: "I don't know who you think you are to tell me … "

Carl Paz: "Yeah, because I see your baby alone in the car."

Paz says the child was maybe a little more than a year old.

"He was crying and my uncle made a comment, 'Man, that's just, that's sick. That's wrong,' " he said.

He told Kastner he waited about two minutes, looked again, "double-take inside the car for about five seconds, decided it was wrong and I headed inside the store."

Inside, the tension escalated.

Carl Paz: "As we speak, the baby is in the car. As a good parent, I would go out there and be like, 'Maybe I'll go and check on my baby.' "

Woman: "I can see him. He's not crying. I'm watching him."

The woman eventually left the store and later contacted CBS2 saying she retained an attorney but added there was nothing unsafe about her decision.

Torrance police say it is illegal to leave a child alone in a car no matter what the circumstance or the temperature happened to be. Officers say they have seen the video and are looking into whether a crime was committed.

The video has now been shared more than 4,000 times on Facebook.

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