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Caught on video: Hollywood business owner tackles man who punched, robbed pizzeria customer

Caught on video: Robbery suspect tackled by Hollywood business owner
Caught on video: Robbery suspect tackled by Hollywood business owner 01:00

A Hollywood business owner jumped into action when a customer at the pizzeria next door was punched and robbed of his wallet.

The dramatic scene went down earlier this month in front of Rafallo's Pizza on La Brea in Hollywood, where residents and workers say crime is getting out of control.

A man had walked up to a customer sitting at a table outside the pizzeria, then punched the customer and walked off with his wallet. He was followed by Tim Ratcliff, who owns Shin, a restaurant next to the pizzeria.

"When you see somebody get assaulted, I can't tell you the feeling I have inside. It upsets me to have it happen," he said.

(credit: CBS)

Video shows Ratcliff tackling the suspect and the wallet flying into the street. Ratcliff rolled with the suspect into a crosswalk, and eventually getting on top of him and holding him down until police arrived. 

City officials have approved funding to add about 200 more patrol officers to help reduce crime, and locals like Ratcliff are hopeful that it will make Hollywood a safe, attractive destination for visitors.

"We're in Hollywood, you have this beautiful place, the number one place in the world for a destination for a tourist, and then all this crime is happening," he said. 

As for the customer, he was okay and did get his wallet and cell phone back.

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