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WATCH: Driver Damages Own Car Trying To Jump Popeye's Drive-Thru Line In Crenshaw

CRENSHAW (CBSLA) — The craze over Popeye's spicy chicken sandwich continues, this time in the drive-thru line of the restaurant's Crenshaw location.

A video posted on Instagram Tuesday showed a car scraping past painted concrete posts to jump the drive-thru line at the Popeye's on La Brea and Jefferson.

(credit: CBS)

Even as people tried to block the silver car by yelling and waving it off, the female driver seemed determined to get in the line, in spite of the damage being done to her car by the concrete posts, which left streaks of red and yellow paint.

A Popeye's employee who tried to talk to the driver seemed helpless to stop the fracas.

One man jumped out of the backseat of the silver car and began pounding on the passenger side window of the SUV that was blocking the silver car from getting into the drive-thru line before starting to yell expletives at the driver.

A crowd, many munching on the much-sought-after spicy chicken sandwiches, watched the spectacle from just beyond the drive-thru line.

One girl kept chewing with a smile on her face and nodded as someone asked, "was it that worth it, though?"

Across the country, there have been reports of violence and even a deadly stabbing surrounding the popular spicy chicken sandwich, which was re-released over the weekend.

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