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Caught On Video: Dispatcher, Riverside Police Officer Help Mom Perform CPR On Teenage Son Found Not Breathing

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — A dispatcher, a mom and a police officer together helped save a teenage boy's life in Riverside, and the effort was all caught on video.

A mom in Riverside had called 911 frantic because she had come home from the store on July 8 to find her 16-year-old son passed out, not breathing, and without a pulse.

For three minutes, dispatcher Olivia Santos walked the boy's mom through CPR and sent Riverside police Officer Matthew Rhoades to the home.

Rhoades' body-worn camera showed the tense moments he pumped the boy's chest, and instructed the mother on when to breath.

After about a minute, the boy began breathing again.

Firefighters also responded to the scene to help the boy.

Police say the boy has made a full recovery.

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