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Caught On Video: Cyclist Accuses CHP Officer Of Driving Too Close To Him On Mountain Road

RIVERSIDE ( — An angry cyclist accused a California Highway Patrol officer of driving dangerously close to him in an exchange of words that was caught on video.

Cyclist Ken Adams says the incident occurred while he was riding on Glendora Mountain Road over the weekend.

"On the second occasion, the officer passed us much more closely. I would estimate probably within, certainly within a foot and a half, probably closer to a foot," he said.

When Adams saw the officer again, his friend taped their interaction.

"You passed us with like a foot to spare," Adams is heard saying on the clip. "You like endangered our lives for no reason."

The officer is then heard responding: "The law requires you to be at the right-edge of the roadway."

"I was on the white line," Adams replied.

"Listen to me. The law also requires me to maintain the right path for the roadway," the officer said.

But Adams said the road was empty and the officer could have easily given him more space.

California law requires drivers to be at least 3 feet away from bicyclists. If that's not possible, drivers must slow down.

The CHP released the following statement that reads in part:

"Safety is our top priority and, particularly with the "3' law", there is still some confusion on how it applies in various circumstances. We'll keep working to ensure everyone knows their options so that we can all use the road together in a safe manner."

The officer told Adams he was only driving 25 mph, but Adams says that's still too dangerous.

Adams says he's filed a complaint and just wants to ensure the road is safe for everyone.

"A few seconds of impatience can change a cyclist's life, their family's life, and your life forever," Adams said.

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