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Caught On Tape: Deaf Woman, Dog Attacked By Pit Bull In El Sereno

EL SERENO (CBS) — A deaf woman and her dog were attacked by a neighbor's pit bull in El Sereno Saturday morning.

The woman's dog, a Chihuahua named Muffy, had to be put down.

Another neighbor's surveillance camera caught the vicious attack on videotape.

June McMahon, sustained painful bites on her arm and buttocks. But she told KCAL9 and CBS2's Melissa Maynarich, her real pain is emotional.

McMahon wanted to talk about her dog and how much the pooch meant to her. McMahon's mother, Violet, says her daughter is having trouble coping with seeing her dog attacked in front of her eyes. "She can't let go," said her mother. "She's got grief. And she's sad. And it hurts. Those are her feelings."

The pit bull's owner refused to speak to Maynarich.

Neighbor Rene Uribe said something needs to be done about the owner's pit bulls. "These dogs are vicious," he said.

Angelique Arreola worries about her kids playing near the dogs. "That is one thing that I fear."

Violet McMahon said her daughter might get another dog someday. "So there is hope there." Speaking to her daughter, she tried words of comfort. "You really need to take a dog for a walk.  I know you loved that dog. I know you did."

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