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Caught On Tape: Belligerent Man Repeatedly Pepper Sprayed During Wild Fight At Disneyland

ANAHEIM (CBS) — A video of an out-of-control 50-something man at Disneyland will surely soon go viral.

The man is repeatedly pepper sprayed and he curses loudly and often during a wild fight outside the Tower of Terror ride.

As wild as the ride might be, witnesses to the fight -- involving the man, patrons, security, two bellhops -- got their own wild ride Saturday just after 3:30 p.m.

It is not known what led to the wild melee. But at the start of the video, onlookers have already clearly had their fill of the agitated man.

One woman repeatedly screams at the 50-something man, "Do you know you're at Disneyland? There are kids here! Stop! There are kids here. Does this guy not get that?"

Several patrons subdue the man who is shown punching Disneyland employees and kicking at various park goers. He slurs his words as well prompting many on-lookers to question whether the man is drunk.

In a four-minute profanity laced rant (including by some disgusted patrons) the man can be seen egging on employees to swing at him. He punches at least two park employees, one directly in the face.

After the boisterous man is downed, several park goers applaud and mock him. "He didn't wind up being so tough, huh?" and another says "Time to go home, sir. Can you believe he's still going?. Another adds, "look who's now whimpering like a little baby!" and another man is heard laughing, "I think this guy has been drinking some vodka!"

Suzi Brown, a spokeswoman for Disneyland, told CBS2 and KCAL9: "Our security cast member was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for the injuries he sustained and then released. We appreciate the actions of the guests who came to his aid during this uncharacteristic incident."

Anaheim police tell CBS2 and KCAL9 that they arrested 53-yearold Glenn L. Horlacher. He was booked at the Anaheim police department and issued a citation. It is not clear what charges, if any, Horlacher will face.

The profanity-laced video is linked on youtube under "Disney Tower of Terror Fight" but can only be accessed by youtube users who are over 21.

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