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Caught On Cellphone Video: Deputies Chase Naked, Handcuffed Inmate Down 5 Freeway

LOS ANGELES (   —   It was a different kind of chase on the 5 Freeway Wednesday.

The man deputies were chasing didn't have a vehicle -- or pants.

A man being taken to jail somehow escaped while he was in handcuffs near San Fernando.

He made a break for freedom, somehow getting his arms under his legs in the back of a patrol vehicle.

A witness captured the bizarre pursuit on his cellphone video.

Authorities said the man was able to kick out a window of the vehicle and made a run for it -- naked.

It happened during the morning commute.  Cars had to come to a complete halt and brake suddenly as the naked man weaved in and out of traffic.

"All of a sudden, everybody starts slowing down, slamming their brakes. And then I see a naked guy, "said the man who shot the cellphone video. "And I see two police officers following him. It was insane. Everyone just starts slamming their brakes."

The inmate was being transferred from Santa Clarita downtown to a mental facility.

The witness said the man crawled up into the wheel well of a big rig trying to escape capture but police were able to pull him out.

No one was hurt, officials said.

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