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Caught On Camera: Wild Brawl Follows High School Football Game

RANCHO CUCAMONGA ( —Two people were arrested following a wild melee involving hundreds of high school students involving two rival schools who met on the football field Friday night.

The fight was caught on cell phone video.

Witnesses said 15-20 people were involved in fisticuffs with many more -- about 300 -- keeping security and police at bay in an effort to keep the fight going.

The incident happened in Rancho Cucamonga on the campus of Los Osos High School.

CBS2's Greg Mills spoke Saturday with Ibrahim Aboud, a Los Osos student who recorded the melee. He said he was also pepper-sprayed by police.

Pointing at the cell phone video, Aboud says, "A security guard comes in right here. He body slams a dude in a white and black shirt."

Mills said deputies were already assigned to the school because of a long standing rivalry between Los Osos and Rancho Cucamonga High.

One student explained the bad blood between the two schools.

"It's a very strong rivalry, especially because we are less than a mile apart from the school," said Blake Fisher who plays for Rancho Cucamonga's football team.

Tensions were already high, reported Mills. While the game was played at Los Osos, Rancho Cucamonga was actually the home team.

"We do not have our own stadium at our own school," explains Fisher, "so when we have our home games, we play up there."

Last night the rivalry spun out-of-control, reported Mills.

"The big fight just started," said Aboud.

Rancho Cucamonga charged Los Osos students $5 to park in their own parking lot. Los Osos doesn't charge their own students for parking when they use the facility.

"People were saying, 'How is Rancho going to charge us for parking when it's our own school?,'" said Aboud.

Adding to the tension, Rancho Cucamonga won the game, with a touchdown in the last minute, no less.

"We play at their field, and we beat them on their field," said Fisher.

Aboud says many in the crowd stood in the way so police couldn't break up the brawling.  Several law enforcement agencies, including the CHP, were called.

"One of the security tried coming in, while they [the students] were trash talking, but none of the kids would let them get through," said Aboud, "They [the students] wanted to see a fight. So they put up a fight against security."

Aboud says he was directly pepper-sprayed in the face.

The Sheriff's department says they sprayed over the crowd.

Mills spoke to the Sheriff's department and officials with Los Osos High School and he said both agreed there was adequate security in place for the game.


Juvenile Pepper-Sprayed After Brawl Breaks Out At HS in Rancho Cucamonga

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