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Caught On Camera: Passenger Brawl Aboard Baltimore-To-LAX Spirit Airlines Flight

LOS ANGELES ( — A brawl involving multiple passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight that had arrived at LAX from Baltimore on Wednesday was caught on camera by a passenger.

In the cell phone video, women can be seen pulling hair and at least one punch was thrown.

It all started, witnesses said, after the plane had landed and a few passengers were playing their music loudly. According to CBS Baltimore, five women were involved in the melee that began because the music was apparently being blasted on a boombox.

Other passengers asked them to turn the volume down. From there, tensions rose and the passengers came to blows.

"I'd be really afraid just because of all the security and all the issues going on right now. I would think that's bigger than just girls fighting over music," said LAX traveler Shamaila Taj. "A plane is probably the last place you would want to do something like that … I would freak out, more so than anything else, because there's nowhere else you can go."

Flight attendants and passengers were able to quickly diffuse the fight, witnesses said, and no one was seriously hurt.

Airport police and the FBI also arrived on the scene. No arrests were made but one person was cited.

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