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Caught on camera: Flash mob ransacks Nike store, steal $12,000 worth of clothing

Community bands together after flash mob robbery strikes Nike store
Community bands together after flash mob robbery strikes Nike store 03:00

Police need help locating a flash mob that ransacked a Nike store in Watts, making off with $12,000 worth of clothing.

The robbery happened on Sunday evening when at least 17 suspects arrived in the 9800 block of South Alameda Street, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. The group consisted of four female and 13 male suspects between the ages of 15 and 20, all wearing medical masks or some material covering their faces.

The flash mob moved through the Nike store undisturbed as they cleared shelves filled with shoes and ripped clothing off the racks before stuffing them into large blue bags. Bystanders filmed the ordeal, some chastising the robbers. 

"I just think it's sad," said resident Marc Mitchell. "It's sad that this is what it's come to."

The suspects ran, one even appeared to skip, out of the store once they filled their bags. Investigators said they jumped into a tan Infiniti four-door, a gray Kia SUV, a white Honda, a Kia four-door and a black Audi. LAPD officers said that this is not the first time the shop has been robbed. One suspect wore a hoodie with a bonsai tree logo and the words "Ritual of the Spirit." 

Store employees believe the same group is responsible for the robberies. Frustrated by the tenth time this crew allegedly robbed the same Nike location, locals stood guard outside of the store.

"Look. Take a look. We're finally doing something," one resident said as she remarked at the stores at the shopping center. "They need to just leave us alone. They need to go about their business. Don't ever come back here. This community is already rough. They're just making us look bad."

Authorities asked anyone with information to contact Detective Juan Campos at (213) 486-6958 or via email at 31480@LAPD.Online. 

Anonymous tips can be submitted to Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477 or through its website.

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