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California Set To Allow Birth-Control Pills Without Prescription

STUDIO CITY ( — California is set to become one of the first states where women can get birth control from a pharmacist without a prescription with the goal of reducing unwanted pregnancies.

Proponents of the new law say it will give younger women easier access.

But doctors like gynecologist Kathleen Valenton have concerns.

"I think that's very dangerous," she said, since pharmacists cannot perform health screenings, including STD checks.

"Birth-control pills are not the only way you can prevent pregnancy, and they definitely don't prevent STDs," Valenton said.

Under the new rules in California and Oregon, women could consult with their pharmacist, fill out a brief questionnaire then get birth control on the spot.

Though many pharmacists agree that birth control should be taken seriously, they say easier access to contraception will ultimately help women who need or want it.

Many of the details of the law are still being worked out in Sacramento. It is set to take effect in March.

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