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California Republicans Say They're Pleased With Job President Trump Is Doing

MENTONE (  —   Sixty percent of Californians voted for Hillary Clinton. And President Trump, nationally, has a low approval rating -- and he's only been on the job 14 days.

Still, there are Republicans in California and many of them think President Trump is doing a bang-up job.

KCAL9's Crystal Cruz spoke to some of the president's ardent supporters, many who identify themselves as Tea Party members. They said they appreciate the fact the president is tackling issues important to them.

"I heard someone say earlier it feels  like Christmas everyday," said Robin Hvidston, "and that is how we feel."

Said Gina Macisaac, another Trump fan "I really think it's great that he's moving so fast. I think getting things done is what a president is supposed to do."

The room was filled with signs saying things like "Help Americans First!" and "No, No, No, Syrian Refugees" and "The People Elected Trump!"

"Trump will make America great again," said one man. "And I'm going to change that into Trump is making America great."

That  same man said  he is a proud American of Mexican descent. "And that's why I support Trump. Cause he's taking care of business."

Backlash from Trump's executive orders on travel haven't swayed people in this crowd.

"If they're not happy with this country  they're free to go," said one woman. "Anytime."

Said another Tea Party member. "I endured eight years of Barack Hussein Obama - I hated every moment of it. Now it's our turn."

Agnes Gibboney came to this country 13 years ago.  She loves Trump's stand on immigration. Her son was killed by a man who was in the country illegally.

"It took my family 13 years to legally immigrate," she said, "they can wait four months."



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