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California gas tax goes up 3 cents on July 1

Gas tax goes up by 3 cents on Friday
Gas tax goes up by 3 cents on Friday 01:09

Gas prices continue to creep down, but they'll tick back up Friday by at least three cents when California's scheduled tax rate goes up.

California's gas tax hovers at about 51 cents a gallon, so when the scheduled increase kicks in Friday, it will be about 54 cents a gallon.

Prices remain high, with Los Angeles County residents paying an average of $6.34 a gallon on Wednesday, $6.32 a gallon in Ventura County, and an average of $6.25 in the Inland Empire. But those averages have actually gone down nearly 6 cents since last week in Los Angeles County.

Because they remain well over $6, and keep ticking up and down, experts say drivers might not feel the difference. But many drivers, who are already dealing with inflation in just about every facet of living right now, say they feel the impact of every penny.

Republican lawmakers have been calling on Gov. Gavin Newsom to suspend the gas tax, and there was proposals earlier this year of offering a Newsom proposes $400 gas rebate payments to California vehicle owners. Instead, lawmakers have reached a deal to send "inflation relief" payments to 23 million Californians.

President Biden has called for a 3-month gas tax holiday, but in California, there are no plans to suspend the gas tax.

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